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VLLR NY Pouch Bag (Rose Gold)

Made from luxurious vegan leather, the VLLR NY Pouch Bag gracefully blends glamour and functionality to create the perfect everyday accessory.

Designed with beauty and versatility in mind, each pouch comes with a colorful, removable metal chain. Wear it as a chic shoulder bag, carry it as a stylish clutch or use it as your new favorite makeup pouch.

Can be worn as: 

  • Shoulder Bag, Hand-held Clutch, Daily Accessories Case


Inspired by the modern architecture and glimmery night lights of New York City. Elegant hues and soft, shimmery vegan leather create a glamorous bag that will have you looking runway ready no matter the occasion.

Available in elegant Champagne Gold, opulent Dark Silver, and dazzling Rose Gold. Each pouch comes with a matching, removable metal chain (Matte Gold, Rose Gold, or Dark Silver).


  • 1 Inner Open Pocket
  • 1 Removable Metal Chain
  • Water Resistant Vegan Leather

Dimensions & Materials

  • Pouch: 24cm W x 17cm H (9.4 in x 6.6 in)
  • Shoulder Chain: 100cm (39.4 in)
  • Outside Material: Crafted with a luxurious, high-quality vegan leather, the material is soft yet durable.
  • Inside Material: Cotton
  • Hardware: Metallic/Satin Finish Zipper Pull


  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.
  • To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use alcohol, acetone, or other harsh chemicals.  
Recovers 5 kg of ocean-bound plastic
VLLR NY Pouch Bag (Rose Gold)
VLLR NY Pouch Bag (Rose Gold)
VLLR NY Pouch Bag (Rose Gold)
VLLR NY Pouch Bag (Rose Gold)
VLLR NY Pouch Bag (Rose Gold)

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