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FW 2021 - Ode to Nature Collection

FW 2021 - Ode to Nature Collection

Our FW 2021 Collection embodies the soft, flowing curves of nature.

Inspired by gently swaying waves, clouds in the autumn sky and the soft curve of the moon, this collection seamlessly weaves organic shapes with tech savvy organization. Designed with the professional woman in mind, this “Ode to Nature” collection elegantly blends modern luxury with the timeless beauty of nature.

Each piece is thoughtfully designed to be Boardroom ready while still adding effortless style to your look. Thoughtfully crafted with sustainability in mind, each piece incorporates elegant and versatile cactus leather.

Featured products:

  • Cloud Bag
  • Cloud Bag Shoulder Strap

SS21 Collection

SS21 Collection

Introducing the SS21 Collection:

SS21 is our summer collection, embodying the warmth and playfulness of summertime.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, this collection evokes feelings of days spent on bright, sunny beaches and nights in a warm, sandy desert. This collection is made up of two mini-collections: the Sienna Summer Collection and the Desserto Summer Collection. 

The Sienna Summer Collection is made with a durable yet soft vegan leather and a color reminiscent of gorgeous desert landscapes. The Desserto Collection, with its rich coloring, is our most sustainable collection yet because it is made with a truly vegan material. This innovative material is called cactus leather, which is a plant-based material made in Mexico.

Featuring two products:

  • Sienna Vegan Leather Pouches
  • Cactus Leather Pouches

VLLR Collection

VLLR Collection

Introducing the VLLR Collection:

VLLR (our creative take on the word “velour”) embodies the overall sense of originality and luxury showcased in our new collection.

Inspired by the modern architecture and glimmery night lights of New York City: Bold, geometric shapes are complemented with a variety of elegant hues and textures - soft, shimmery vegan leathers & lush, deep velvets.

Featuring three products:

  • VLLR Box Bag
  • VLLR Clutch
  • VLLR Pouch

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