The Kaesa Name

The name KAESA is a play on the word ‘case’. We carefully selected this name to embody the style, sophistication and beauty of our products.


Sustainable Luxury with a Modern Twist

At KAESA, we believe the products we use every day should be a balance of design and function. Our brand was founded with the modern woman in mind and we strive to create thoughtfully designed products that are as aesthetically beautiful as they are functional.

Inspired by our founder's architectural background and love for fashion, our products are elegantly crafted with clean lines, subtle detailing and sumptuous materials. Sustainability is also at the heart of everything KAESA does, and our ultimate goal is to build a sustainable brand and community that will make a meaningful and positive impact in the world. We make it a priority to use sustainable materials like vegan leather and natural plant-based materials like cactus leather in all of our accessories and handbags.

KAESA products are made with high-quality, ethically-sourced materials and incorporate rich textures, classic shapes and contemporary accents. The interior design of each product carefully considers utility, embedding innovative organizational layers, to fuse style with everyday function. Our products are also water resistant, durable and versatile, with the ability to be worn and used in multiple ways.

Our products are a beautiful blend of functionality, exceptional craftsmanship and innovative sustainability that you can feel good about inside and out.