Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to disrupt and transform the fashion industry to create a movement to eliminate animal cruelty and protect the environment. Our vision is to build a sustainable brand and community that will make a meaningful and positive impact in the world. With every decision, we consider how it will impact both our customers and the environment. We continually strive to be as sustainable and eco-conscious as possible.

Sustainably & Ethically Made

Traditional leather manufacturing is extremely harmful to the environment and uses millions of chemicals during the manufacturing process, which eventually pollutes the air, water and soils. The animal leather industry also leads to more than a billion cows, pigs, goats, sheep, alligators, ostriches and kangaroos being cruelly slaughtered for their skins every year.

KAESA provides a sustainable, cruelty-free alternative solution to products made with animal leathers. We use sustainable materials like vegan leather and natural plant based materials like cactus leather in all of our products.

Both of these materials are sustainable, cruelty-free and have a low environmental impact. Cactus leather is also biodegradable. And vegan leather, unlike animal leather, is a synthetic material made from textiles. This means it is a much more eco-friendly material and uses substantially less water and resources during its production.